Results and Publications

This Section contains a variety of different publications reporting on NGA project activity.


Searching for Project Activity Topics

The simplest method for searching is to type the common name of the disease, weed or pest into the Search this site.... bar at the top of each page for a listing of relevant projects and documents. 

Individual Project Results

The Project Reports summarise trial activity in specific project areas. They are divided into four main categories: Diseases, Weeds, Pests or General.  These categories can be found on the menu at the left hand side of this page.  Each Project Report is presented at three levels -

  • Results in a Nutshell - Brief summary of background, aims and key messages (generally 2-3 pages in length).
  • Multi-Trial Summary -  As above plus key results summarised across all trials. 
  • Complete Summary - As above plus details of individual trial results.

Other publications presented include GRDC Update Papers, Annual Reports (Validators), general Newsletters, results of Surveys conducted by NGA and Australian Grain Articles on specific project areas.