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eNews: October 2018


Welcome to the latest NGA Newsletter and a snapshot of our 2018-2019 Summer Trial plans.

The Summer program covers a wide range of topics from nutrition and nitrogen management to disease and weed management and evaluating drift reduction.  There are also a range of ongoing l
arge scale trials assessing stubble management options, soil remediation and the impact of furrowing and long term controlled traffic.
Further details can be found in the Summer Trial Snapshots section.  We hope you find the information useful and welcome any feedback.

NB: External website links are current at the time of publishing but may be moved or broken in the future; this is beyond our control. 

2018-2019 Summer Trial Snapshots

1.    Grass Weed Control in Fallow
2.    Broadleaf Weed Control in Fallow
3.    Nitrogen Management in Wheat - Soil
       Carryover & Residual Value
4.    Alternative Second Knocks
5.    Mungbean Nutrition
6.    Efficacy Cost of Drift Reduction
7.    Arbuscular Mycorrhiza (VAM)
8.    Potential for P Movement in Cracked Soils
9.    Broadleaf Weed Control in Sorghum 

10.  Soil Remediation
11.  Stubble Impacts on Fallow Efficiency
12.  Impact of Furrowing
13.  Impact from Long Term Controlled Traffic

Nitrogen in Wheat Survey Results

Many thanks to those who took the time to complete our recent survey. The level of response was fantastic, covering a wheat production area of over 1.6 million ha. The survey provided clear responses on industry N management practices and changes made in recent years, feedback on the impact of NGA project activity but also reinforced the areas for further research.

Gly Resistance - Immediate Danger

Preliminary results from the first herbicide resistance survey in the northern region has confirmed glyphosate resistance amongst key weed populations and the need to protect glyphosate is critical for continued use.

Hot Rods & Harvesters

The grains industry is adopting innovations from motor racing, with materials and technology found in race pits being trialed on headers in an effort to reduce header fire risk.

Climate Change - Ask a Scientist

Farmer’s for Climate Action have launched their “Ask a Scientist” project, enabling growers to have their climate change questions answered by a panel of climate experts.
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