Northern Growers Alliance
eNews - June 2015


Welcome to the latest NGA newsletter and a snapshot of our Winter 2015 trial plans. The winter program covers a wide range of topics from nutrition and biological input evaluation to disease and weed management as well as the farming systems impact from kelly chain use after chickpea planting. It includes two massive trial sites, one focusing on root-lesion nematode management and the other on managing the crop safety from residual herbicides. Both of these trials have more than 1600 experimental plots. More detail on all projects can be found by selecting View our Trial Snapshots.

Also included are the first set of results from an evaluation of the impact of additional stubble loads on fallow water efficiency together with the latest news from the regional common sowthistle glyphosate resistance survey. You will also find an Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI) Insight - on wild oat herbicide resistance and information on both the upcoming GRDC Updates and the next intake for UNE Sustainable Grains Production.

We hope you find the information useful. Once again, if you have any feedback (positive or negative) we would be glad to hear from you.

2015 Winter Trial Snapshots

1.  Management of Common Sowthistle in

2.  Residual Herbicides & Crop Safety
3.  Residual Herbicides for Grass Weed
     control in Wheat & Chickpea
4.  Faba Bean Desiccation
5.  Management of Problem Weeds in
6.  Impact of 'Levelling' after Chickpea
7.  Nitrogen Management in Wheat
8.  Improving Paraquat Efficacy
9.  Powdery Mildew in Canola
10.Root Lesion Nematodes
11.Biological Farming Inputs

GRDC Updates  

The next round of GRDC Updates will be held in late July and early August. Click on the locations below for more information:

AHRI Insight: Wild Oat Herbicide Resistance

AHRI have recently released their latest newsletter - on Wild Oat herbicide resistance.
Stubble Impact on Fallow Water Efficiency

NGA has been working on a project since early 2014 to measure the actual impact of additional straw/stubble on soil moisture accumulation and retention. This was a priority issue raised by the Walgett group to investigate the potential of ‘zone’ farming.

The concept was to examine whether concentrating stubble loads in a wide skip row arrangement would enable skip row production - even during low rainfall periods. 
Glyphosate Resistance in Common Sowthistle Survey


Annie van der Meulen, Research Scientist, DAF Toowoomba, has been testing the glyphosate resistance status of sowthistle samples submitted by growers and agronomists from across the Northern Region. 

More sowthistle samples are wanted, particularly from Central Qld, the Maranoa and the western Darling Downs, with the survey remaining open until Autumn 2016.

Sustainable Grains Production
On-line Course

The University of New England offers Diploma, Graduate Certificate and Masters in Agriculture (Sustainable Grains Production) courses specifically tailored for grain growers and advisors, and supported by GRDC. Trimester 2 areas of study are - Agronomy of Grains Production and Grain Crop Protection.
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