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eNews - October 2017


Welcome to the latest NGA Newsletter and a snapshot of our 2017-2018 Summer Trials.

Our Summer program covers a wide range of topics from rutherglen bug management, mungbean nutrition to weed and disease management.   

There are also a range of large scale trials underway assessing cotton cut stump application, soil remediation and fallow efficiency.  Further details can be found in the Summer Trial Snapshots section.

You will also find information on:
  • Summer Fallow Weed Control; 
  • Root Disease Courses; 
  • Harvest Weed Seed Control; and
  • Pre-emergent Herbicides - Slow Resistance Development. 
We hope you find the information useful and welcome any feedback.

2017-2018 Summer Trial Snapshots

1.    Optical Spray Options
2.    Common Sowthistle
3.    Rutherglen Bug Management
4.    Broadleaf Weed Control in Sorghum
5.    Mungbean Seed Treatments
6.    Mungbean Nitrogen Nutrition
7.    Managing Efficacy with Drift Reduction
8.    Nitrogen Management in Sorghum
9.    AMF (VAM) Effects in Sorghum
10.  Cotton Cut Stump Application
11.  Soil Remediation

12.  Stubble Impacts on Fallow Efficiency

Now's the Time to consider Summer Fallow Weed Control Tactics

Grass control in the summer fallow has become increasing difficult and expensive. With a heavy reliance on glyphosate many grass weeds common over summer fallows have proven harder to control.

With temperatures warming and rainfall in some areas now is the time to consider management tactics for these hard to kill weeds.

Coming Soon:  Survey on Nitrogen Management in Wheat Projects

We are currently preparing a survey to help evaluate the impact from our N management research undertaken over the last 5 years.

This survey is an important tool to identify the impact this research has had on knowledge levels and industry adoption and uptake. It is also a mechanism for you to provide input on other areas of N research that still need to be resolved. We would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Root Disease Courses on Offer

A number of Predicta B Root Disease Risk Management Courses are being run in November. The one day accreditation course is open to all agronomists and provides information on identifying and managing cereal root diseases, including the new tests for Ascochyta and Phytophthora in chickpeas.

Harvest Weed Seed Control - as Aussie as Vegemite

Australian grain growers and researchers are leading the way in the development and adoption of harvest weed seed control (HWSC) practices. A recent GRDC funded survey found that 43% of growers were utilising some form of HWSC and the practice has now become mainstream with the level of adoption tipped to rise further over the coming years.

Pre-emergent Herbicides Slower to Develop Resistance, but Why?

Recent research undertaken at AHRI has investigated why pre-emergent herbicides are slower to develop resistance compared with their post-em counterparts. Two main reasons why this may be the case were uncovered and could have major implications in the future as the use of pre-em’s rises due to increasing development of resistant weeds. 
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