This Section contains articles on weeds submitted under the 'Consultants' Corner' series. Each document contains a section detailing the latest 'Research View', 'Commercial View' and finally the area of NGA activity.

Barnyard Grass Management November 2008

An evaluation of alternative strategies for managing ABYG including double knock applications and the use of residual herbicide.

24th June, 2010 [ 1.64 MB ]

Fleabane Management November 2006

Fleabane is one of the major difficult-to-control weeds in northern NSW and southern Queensland farming systems with integrated weed management techniques likely to be needed for successful control.

24th June, 2010 [ 92.02 Kb ]

Wild Oats in Chickpeas: Tip of the Iceberg September 2007

Herbicide resistant wild oats are rapidly becoming one of the key threats to a sustainable northern farming system.  Three trials were conducted in wheat and chickpeas to evaluate the impact of pre-emergent herbicides on this weed.

24th June, 2010 [ 251.99 Kb ]

Wild Oats: Gp A Resistance January 2007

Research has shown that Wild Oat populations are becoming resistant to Group A herbicides and a rapid change in management practices is essential to avoid the complete loss of Group A herbicides.

24th June, 2010 [ 910.57 Kb ]

Wild Oats: Group A Resistance Issues January 2009

Wild oat resistance patterns from an area wide survey of one hundred wild oat populations. Each population was tested against eight herbicides representing five herbicide mode of action groups.

24th June, 2010 [ 194.23 Kb ]