This Section contains articles on disease submitted under the 'Consultants' Corner' series. Each document contains a section detailing the latest 'Research View', 'Commercial View' and finally the area of NGA activity.

Crown Rot Inter-row Sowing Results March 2007

Seven commercial scale trials were conducted in the Walgett to Bellata districts to look at inter-row planting for crown rot management. These trials focussed on yield and economic benefits of inter-row planting whilst providing additional disease information.

24th June, 2010 [ 168.34 Kb ]

Crown Rot Tolerance Results May 2009

Eighteen trials were conducted over three years to examine the actual impact from crown rot.  The results highlighted that variety yield potential and other disease characteristics were more important than crown rot tolerance rating in determining final economic benefit.

24th June, 2010 [ 171.79 Kb ]

Crown Rot: Impact of Inter-row Sowing September 2006

A series of seven commercial-scale trials were conducted investigating inter-row sowing for the management of crown rot in bread wheat.

24th June, 2010 [ 69.69 Kb ]

Fusarium Stalk Rot of Sorghum May 2010

Pilot trials were conducted to determine if Fusarium stalk rot causes yield loss in the absence of lodging and whether there is a link between spray-out of sorghum with glyphosate and lodging.

25th June, 2010 [ 512.22 Kb ]

Root-Lesion Nematode & Crown Rot September 2010

The 'additive' effect of root-lesion nematode and crown rot on yield and grain quality.

18th October, 2010 [ 383.50 Kb ]

Spot Form Net Blotch in the North July 2007

Results from two trials in 2006 investigating the impact of SFNB and evaluating management practices to reduce yield and grain quality impacts. 

24th June, 2010 [ 135.72 Kb ]

Spot Form Net Blotch Management July 2008

Spot form net blotch is the most widespread and a prevalent disease of barley crops and these trials looked at the early timing of fungicide application.

24th June, 2010 [ 207.32 Kb ]

Stripe Rust Management - June 2011

Data was collected from thirteen individual trials conducted throughout NSW in 2010. Despite robust fungicide programs, these trials showed marginal economic return from stripe rust management in MR rated varieties.

12th August, 2011 [ 476.06 Kb ]

Stripe Rust Management September 2008

Regional stripe rust management results that highlight the economic advantages of early or preventative strategies.

24th June, 2010 [ 221.33 Kb ]

Stripe Rust: Recent Lessons in the North May 2007

Recent lessons in stripe rust management from northern NSW.

24th June, 2010 [ 92.11 Kb ]