Results in a Nutshell

In-crop Nitrogen Impact on Screenings 2018

In-crop application of N in wheat; how much impact does it have on screenings ?

29th May, 2018 [ 500.77 Kb ]

Nitrogen Application in Chickpeas 2012 (Results in a Nutshell)

Evaluating the impact of additional nitrogen on yield, nitrogen fixation and level of economic cost/benefit.

20th June, 2013 [ 483.41 Kb ]

Sorghum Spray-out Timing 2007/08 & 2008/09 (Results in a Nutshell)

Evaluating the impact of sorghum desiccation timing on yield, grain quality and soil moisture.

12th August, 2011 [ 421.38 Kb ]

Stubble Impact on Fallow Water Efficiency 2014-15

Determining what level of extra moisture could be accumulated under increased stubble loads.

18th June, 2015 [ 1.05 MB ]