Complete Summary

Awnless Barnyard Brass - Flame Application Parameters 2007/08 (Complete Summary)

Impact of droplet size and application volume on Flame efficacy.

30th July, 2011 [ 484.51 Kb ]

Awnless Barnyard Grass - Double-Knock Strategies 2007/08 (Complete Summary)

Evaluating the rate and timing of paraquat as a double-knock following a sub-lethal rate of glyphosate.

30th July, 2011 [ 728.47 Kb ]

Fleabane Management - Double-Knock Strategies 2008/09 (Complete Summary)

Impact of droplet size and double-knock timing on bipridyl efficacy.

4th August, 2011 [ 591.61 Kb ]

Wild Oat Herbicide Resistance Survey 2007 (Complete Summary)

Evaluation of the efficacy of five herbicide mode of action groups (eight different herbicide options) against 100 wild oat populations collected in the northern region.

5th August, 2011 [ 414.08 Kb ]

Wild Oat Management with Pre-Emergent Herbicides 2007 (Complete Summary)

Evaluating trifluralin and triallate, alone or in combination, for wild oat management via "incorporation by sowing".

5th August, 2011 [ 1022.49 Kb ]