Multi-Trial Summary

Awnless Barnyard Grass - Double-Knock Strategies 2007/08 (Multi-Trial Summary)

Evaluating the rate and timing of paraquat as a double-knock following a sub-lethal rate of glyphosate.

30th July, 2011 [ 690.33 Kb ]

Awnless Barnyard Grass - Flame Application Parameters 2007/08 (Multi-Trial Summary)

Impact of droplet size and application volume on Flame efficacy.

30th July, 2011 [ 435.24 Kb ]

Fleabane Management - Double-Knock Strategies 2008/09 (Multi-Trial Summary)

Impact of droplet size and double-knock timing on bipridyl efficacy.

4th August, 2011 [ 575.82 Kb ]

Wild Oat Management with Pre-Emergent Herbicides 2007 (Multi-Trial Summary)

Evaluating trifluralin and triallate, alone or in combination, for wild oat management via "incorporation by sowing".

5th August, 2011 [ 965.92 Kb ]