The Northern Grower Alliance was created in 2005 from the vision and drive of
six leading northern consultants and agronomists: Michael Castor, Robert Long, Drew Penberthy, Greg Rummery, Greg Giblett and Peter McKenzie, representing
the interests and needs of over 170 growers involved in six separate grower
‘groups’. With the expertise of Jules Dixon, the group developed a business plan
and model to assist in providing practical, industry-driven, agronomic research. 

The advisers and growers shared common concerns

  • Often a gap between research and development focus and real industry needs
  • Lack of validation of benefits under commercial conditions
  • Lack of structure that could respond rapidly to specific production constraints

The NGA was designed to provide a structure to address the original
concerns but also work in close collaboration with existing research,
development and extension providers by

  • Taking promising research to commercial validation earlier
  • Providing additional grower/ industry driven feedback on needs
  • Helping extend results alongside agency agronomists 
  • Maximising the efficiency of local and regional research and development effort

NGA worked on a project covering broadacre cropping in north-western NSW from 2005 to 2010 with the scope of the project broadened to cover north-eastern NSW during the period 2008 to 2010.  In 2010, NGA commenced a five year project to continue their activities in northern NSW and to replicate the model in southern Qld.  All these projects were fully funded by GRDC.

The scope or direct area of influence from NGA now covers ~ 1.5 million ha
of cropping in the northern grains region.

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